The Only Fitness Gear You’ll Ever Need

The new year is here, and with it, the renewed commitment of many to hit the gym harder than ever. But picking what to wear to your appointed sweat session isn’t always so simple. In a market inundated with workout gear in shades of neon orange, aquamarine and hot pink, it can be difficult to find functional apparel that only draws attention to itself through the precision of its cut and classic looks. That’s where Ten Thousand comes in.

 Ten Thousand 3 1024x682 300x200 - sport - The Only Fitness Gear You’ll Ever Need - Fashion, Activewear - The Only Fitness Gear You’ll Ever NeedFounders Keith Nowak and Eugenio Labadie started the athletic apparel company after becoming tired of the rapid turnover of styles and all the waste that comes along with it. They began with only two garments determined to get to the very essence of each: The Foundation Short and The Foundation Shirt, both of which were only available in black, gray and dark blue with amazing fit and minimal details. Primary distribution was established through their website along with an Equinox partnership that sold the incredible basics in select locations to give them a brick-and-mortar foothold. What they thought to be a three month supply of stock sold out in two weeks. 

Ten Thousand 8 1024x682 300x200 - sport - The Only Fitness Gear You’ll Ever Need - Fashion, Activewear - The Only Fitness Gear You’ll Ever Need

The exciting realization that their brand struck such a chord with the public was dulled by the need to rethink the manufacturing process to keep up with consumer demand. But the commitment to perfection remained. They teamed with the best fabric mills to get materials that can withstand heavy use and a healthy dose of perspiration, all while looking polished. In January, those same basics plus several new ones (a cross training short and slim pullover to name two) will debut online and be ready to ship to fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Because the company’s ethos is tied in with sustainability, they have worked with 2ReWear, an organization that collects used fitness gear, which is usually made from synthetic fibers and recycles those items into brand new garments. With every batch of used clothing sent into Ten Thousand, you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase so you can keep looking fresh as you achieve your goals. What better way to start off the new year?

 Written by Martin Lerma

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