DSC 0863 1 scaled - fashion - Wild at Heart -  - Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart

May 1, 2022

  Wild at Heart OWEN O’DELL, DNA Models wears Kimia Arya suit and Vintage hat for Man of Metropolis PHOTOGRAPHER Karen Mortenson, CREATIVE DIRECTOR Seth Travis STYLIST Alexis Bergens represented by Celestine Agency HAIR & MAKEUP Rosita Lucia Gebhard, STYLIST…

CASPAR WEB - slider, fashion - Alive -  - Alive


April 21, 2022

  Alive starring Caspar Thomas MODEL Caspar Thomas, DNA Models, PHOTOGRAPHER Andrew Parsons STYLIST LJ Perez, ASSISTANT STYLIST Mia Navarro, GROOMING Ty Shearn, EDITOR Seth Travis Caspar wears VERSACE green and purple silk pants, black and gold briefs, and gold…

220326220326170001 1 copy scaled e1649159754807 - slider, fashion - Light it Up -  - Light it Up

Light it Up

April 5, 2022

Stan Taylor stars in Light it Up Stan Taylor, DNA Models wears Dior Men Brown Wool Cloth Coat, and AKNVAS Priska Top Photography Brendan Wixted, Styled by Nicholas MacKinnon, Grooming by Valissa Yoe, Editor & Casting Seth Travis Download Man…

SHOT 1 065 - fashion - Sebastiano Pigazzi -  - Sebastiano Pigazzi

Sebastiano Pigazzi

March 14, 2022

Nirvana starring Sebastiano Pigazzi MODEL Sebastiano Pigazzi PHOTOGRAPHER Dennis Leupold ART DIRECTOR Courtney Walter STYLIST Oretta Corbelli GROOMER Barbara Lamelza PRODUCER Kevin Leupold EDITOR Seth Travis Download Man of Metropolis Digital – FREE!

Tobias Look2 0386 final scaled e1646851203737 - slider, fashion - The Romantic -  - The Romantic

The Romantic

March 9, 2022

  The Romantic   Model Tobias Norstrand for Man of Metropolis wearing coat Burberry sweater Ralph Lauren shirt Dries Van Noten pants Ralph Lauren shoes Ralph Lauren PHOTOGRAPHER Daisy Chen, STYLIST Caroline Park, MAKEUP & GROOMING Hikari Tezuka with Glossier…

TOM RHYS HARRIES 9633 scaled e1645799613327 - slider, face-time, entertainment - Tom Rhys Harries -  - Tom Rhys Harries

Tom Rhys Harries

February 25, 2022

Tom Ryhs Harries has an impressive career spanning stage and film and stars in Apple TV Plus newest series, SUSPICION. We caught up with the Welsh actor over zoom to talk about his new series, getting back on stage in…

LUKE DAVIS High Tide e1645480258645 - slider, fashion, face-time - Luke Davis -  - Luke Davis

Luke Davis

February 20, 2022

Luke Davis is the quintessential SoCal boy, born and raised on the waves. He has competed in the professional surf circuit and has taken on modeling for brands like RVCA and is signed to Ford Models. We recently went on…

SHOT 2 049 scaled e1643832836854 - slider, face-time, entertainment - Alan Ritchson -  - Alan Ritchson

Alan Ritchson

February 3, 2022

    I have been all-in on Alan Ritchson since he was serenading Paula Abdul on American Idol in the early 00’s and joining forces with Tom Welling’s Clark Kent (Superman) on Smallville back in 2005. Since then he has…

211206 GIUSEPPE 07 0868 - sport, slider - Giuseppe Giofrè -  - Giuseppe Giofrè

Giuseppe Giofrè

January 6, 2022

SWEAT MODEL Giuseppe Giofrè PHOTOGRAPHER Peter Tamlin GROOMING Adam Maclay LOCATION GHOST Brooklyn EDITOR Seth Travis   Download Digital Exclusive – Metropolis Sport, January 2022

211031 MetropolisSportSaul 02 2006 scaled - sport, slider - Strongman -  - Strongman


November 9, 2021

  Metropolis Sport – Strongman Saul Rodriguez stars in STRONGMAN in an all-new Metropolis Sport exclusive by Peter Tamlin PHOTOGRAPHER Peter Tamlin MODEL Saul Rodriguez, Next Management GROOMING Anthony Merante LOCATION Global Strongman Gym EDITOR Seth Travis

Untitled design 14 - slider, fashion - Clarity -  - Clarity


October 15, 2021

Clarity starring Jonathan Bellini Man of Metropolis Digital TALENT Jonathan Bellini, Wilhelmina wears ETRO on cover by PHOTOGRAPHER Diane Zhao STYLIST Marc Anthony George HAIR & MAKEUP Jessah Amarante ASSISTANT STYLIST Iyanla Mosley EDITOR Seth Travis

Untitled design 13 - slider, fashion - Heavier Things -  - Heavier Things

Heavier Things

Heavier Things starring Pau Ramis Man of Metropolis Digital TALENT Pau Ramis, SIGHT Management wears DUARTE MADRID and Sneakers by LOUIS VUITTON by PHOTOGRAPHER Alejandro Brito STYLIST Gissell Garcia HAIR & MAKEUP Yadro Ocgoa STYLING ASSISTANT Luca Azzarini EDITOR Seth…

008 185 - slider, fashion - Paradise Valley -  - Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley starring Alberto Perazzolo   Man of Metropolis Digital TALENT Alberto Perazzolo, IMG Models wears coat by PRADA T-shirt and jeans by LEVI’S leather belt by RUST MOOD Hat Witte Hats by PHOTOGRAPHER Lorenzo Profilio STYLIST Janou Monteagud HAIR…

89A7932 - slider, fashion - Clint Mauro in Wild Blue -  - Clint Mauro in Wild Blue

Clint Mauro in Wild Blue

October 14, 2021

Wild Blue starring Clint Mauro   TALENT Clint Mauro, NTA wears EMPORIO ARMANI by PHOTOGRAPHER Dennis Leupold for Man of Metropolis DIGITAL TECH Kevin Leupold DESIGN & ART DIRECTION Courtney Walter STYLIST Oretta Corbelli ASSISTANT STYLIST Camille Bersier ASSISTANT Winston…

TOM VAREY00010 - slider, face-time, entertainment - Tom Varey -  - Tom Varey

Tom Varey

October 5, 2021

Actor Tom Varey stars as Jack Morris in the new gripping thriller, Ridley Road. Ridley Road is written and adapted for television by award-winning writer Sarah Solemani and takes place in the 1960’s in London. The drama covers some relevant…

210822 MetropolisSport 03 0517 scaled - sport, slider, face-time - Trevor Signorino -  - Trevor Signorino

Trevor Signorino

September 29, 2021

Trevor Signorino is one of the most recognizable male models in the world and is from right here in the United States. He has modeled for Charlie swimwear and became a household name when he starred in the VERSACE Dylan…

20210508 METROPOLISSPORT LOOK2 0661 V2 FLAT scaled - sport, slider, face-time - Nick Topel -  - Nick Topel

Nick Topel

September 27, 2021

Nick Topel is a lifestyle and wellness trainer and Fitness model known for his magazine covers, AD campaigns with ARONIK SWIM and has amassed a huge following on Instagram over recent years since graduating from Ohio State University. We teamed…

210805000000070003 e1632423363760 - style, slider, fashion - The Boy Who Has Everything -  - The Boy Who Has Everything

The Boy Who Has Everything

September 23, 2021

The Boy Who Has Everything MODEL Jake Parker Lentz, The Society PHOTOGRAPHER Brendan Wixted STYLIST Michael Cook MAKEUP Alex T HAIR Michael Moreno EDITOR Seth Travis Man of Metropolis – September 2021

MJP5057 e1632422853492 - style, slider, fashion - Industry Baby -  - Industry Baby

Industry Baby

  Industry Baby TALENT Jarred Manista, Clear Talent Group PHOTOGRAPHER Matthew Pandolfe STYLIST Bruce Estevez HAIR & MAKEUP Michael Moreno EDITOR Seth Travis Man of Metropolis – September 2021

GNMMF3SB - style, fashion - Back to Manhattan -  - Back to Manhattan

Back to Manhattan

  Back to Manhattan TALENT Garrett Neff, IMG PHOTOGRAPHER Santiago Bisso STYLIST Whitney Whitaker HAIR & MAKEUP Nastya Miliaeva EDITOR Seth Travis Man of Metropolis – September 2021

6J1A5957S scaled - style, slider, fashion - Broome St. -  - Broome St.

Broome St.

    Broome St. MODEL Aumaury Valero, DNA PHOTOGRAPHER Qiao STYLIST Pierre David Ellis PHOTO ASSISTANT Yang Jiao MAKEUP Wakana HAIR Miwako EDITOR Seth Travis Man of Metropolis – September 2021

mompony4 scaled - style, slider, fashion - The Prince of New York -  - The Prince of New York

The Prince of New York

    The Prince of New York MODEL Dominik Sadoch, Soul Artist PHOTOGRAPHER Marcus Morris STYLIST John Moore GROOMING Mark Alan Esparza EDITOR Seth Travis Man of Metropolis – September 2021

256Sebastio - style, slider, fashion - Remember Me -  - Remember Me

Remember Me

  REMEMBER ME MODEL Sebastiao Hungerbuhler, Click PHOTOGRAPHER Austin Augie STYLIST Michael Cook GROOMING Mark Alan Esparza PHOTO ASSISTANT Gregory Moliterno PHOTO ASSISTANT Rocky EDITOR Seth Travis   Man of Metropolis – September 2021

N0I7493 v3 scaled e1626236430424 - style, slider, fashion - Cherokee Jack by Richard Phibbs -  - Cherokee Jack by Richard Phibbs

Cherokee Jack by Richard Phibbs

July 14, 2021

CHEROKEE JACK by Richard Phibbs STYLIST John Moore GROOMING Louis Angelo FASHION ASSISTANT Devon Nichols PHOTO ASSISTANT Chika Kobari EDITOR Seth Travis 

ManOfMetropolis 0033 copy scaled e1622534468180 - style, slider - On the Loose -  - On the Loose

On the Loose

June 1, 2021

  Summer 2021 Issue  MODEL Corrado, Soul Artist Management, PHOTOGRAPHER Brendan Wixted, STYLIST Torian Lewin, STYLING ASSISTANT Alex Tonge HAIR Levi Monarch, MAKEUP Alex T, EDITOR Seth Travis   Digital Magazine

Studio Session 262 - slider, face-time, entertainment - Billy Magnussen -  - Billy Magnussen

Billy Magnussen

Summer 2021 Issue Actor, Billy Magnussen wears Dolce & Gabbana on the cover PHOTOGRAPHER Austin Augie STYLIST Jorge Morales FASHION ASSISTANT Eliza Flynn PHOTO ASSISTANT Gregory Moliterno GROOMING Rheanne White, Tracey Mattingly EDITOR Seth Travis   Digital Magazine

Sequence 02 bigger - slider, face-time, culture - Kevin Quinn -  - Kevin Quinn

Kevin Quinn

April 30, 2021

  We catch up with actor and star of Netflix’s new film A Week Away, Kevin Quinn. We cover all the bases from the dancing and singing in the film, to his album on the horizon. We also hear more…

DSC 0394 e1605026195652 - style, slider - For The Night -  - For The Night

For The Night

March 30, 2021

  An all-new fashion exclusive presenting For The Night for manofmetropolis.com PHOTOGRAPHER Jordan Walczak STYLIST Jorge Morales GROOMING Virginia Vera PRODUCER Cheyma Hadji MODEL Abdulaye Niang, DNA

20210127 STUARTMARTIN22435 copy 1 scaled e1616421813792 - face-time, entertainment - Stuart Martin -  - Stuart Martin

Stuart Martin

March 22, 2021

What do you get when we say Game of Thrones, Medici, Miss Scarlet and the Duke, and the upcoming Army of the Dead Prequel for Netlfix? Scottish Actor, Stuart Martin. We caught up with the Duke, to Miss Scarlet to…

1C5A4747 copy scaled e1616419711260 - face-time, entertainment - Uli Latukefu - Young Rock, NBC, Facetime, Australia, Actor - Uli Latukefu

Uli Latukefu

A graduate of Australia’s prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art, Uli Latukefu is making his American network television debut in NBC’s upcoming sitcom, “Young Rock.” this Spring. Handpicked by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to portray him during his college football…

nathaniel 009 e1614556562975 - style, slider - REVIVAL -  - REVIVAL


February 28, 2021

  REVIVAL Nathaniel Visser at Kult Models by Derek Henderson on location Falnash State Forest, New South Wales, Australia CREATIVE/STYLIST Rhys Ripper EDITOR Seth Travis  

RUSSELL TOVEY00131 1 - style, slider, face-time, entertainment, culture - Russell Tovey - Russell Tovey, editorial, Cover Story, Actor - Russell Tovey

Russell Tovey

January 31, 2021

Russell Tovey has been captivating audiences since the early 1990s. Tovey possesses a charismatic quality in his performances. In-person and on-screen he feels familiar and disarming. He feels like a best friend you would meet for a pint at the…

OMEGA Amb copy e1607303319447 - style, featured - OMEGA PLANET OCEAN 600M - watch, Timepiece, omega, luxury, Gift - OMEGA PLANET OCEAN 600M


December 16, 2020

One of the best gifts you can get him this holiday season is time, right!? Why not gift him a moment that will last a lifetime with a new timepiece. The Planet Ocean 600M is on our wish list this…

29 10 20 AMIR WILSON STOCK SHOOT27864 copy 3 e1608061280457 - slider, face-time, entertainment - Amir Wilson stars in His Dark Materials - His Dark Materials, HBO Max, Facetime, Amir Wilson, Actor - Amir Wilson stars in His Dark Materials

Amir Wilson stars in His Dark Materials

December 15, 2020

HBO Max has been making the headlines this month with the release of over 17 new films from Warner Brothers in 2021 on its streaming service. The brand has also been putting out hit after hit of its own including…

header tom ford n002 ocean plastic timepiece TFOCEANPLASTICWATCH1120 - slider, fashion, culture - Ethical Luxury by Tom Ford - watch, Tom Ford, time piece, sustainability, plastic - Ethical Luxury by Tom Ford

Ethical Luxury by Tom Ford

December 13, 2020

Each year nearly 11 million tons of plastic waste make their way into the ocean’s waters globally. TOM FORD has partnered with 52HZ on The Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize in the commitment to ocean health, to coincide with the…

MetropolisSportIssueWebsiteTeaser3 scaled - sport, slider - Trevor Bell - Trevor Bell, Tik-Tok, sport, Physique, Nike, Instagram, Fitness, Body - Trevor Bell

Trevor Bell

December 11, 2020

  Trevor Bell Introducing an all-new exclusive starring model, Instagram and Tik-Tok star Trevor Bell exclusively for Metropolis Sport STARRING Trevor Bell FASHION & CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brandon Garr, crowdMGMT PHOTOGRAPHY Robert Clyde Grima GROOMING Nathan Jeurgensen, using Fatboy with crowdMGMT…

TomFordEditorial - skincare-grooming, grooming, gift - Elevate His Skincare Routine - Tom Ford, Shave Cream, Mask, Eye Treatment, Bronzer, Beauty - Elevate His Skincare Routine

Elevate His Skincare Routine

December 7, 2020

Not sure what to get him for the holidays? The seasons are changing and so is his skin. Give him the gift of great skin all year long with this Tom Ford collection of grooming products specifically for men. TOM…

HaiNgo 04 Prada Amber Manhattan 0151 copy - slider, grooming, gift, fragrance - Prada Amber Pour Homme - PRADA, fragrance, cologne, Amber Pour Homme - Prada Amber Pour Homme

Prada Amber Pour Homme

Prada Amber Pour Homme A timeless yet modern scent. Made for a new kind of man – Prada’s Amber Pour Homme is for the man with distinguishing taste and a relentless spirit. One of the most recognized fashion brands in…

MOM AW19 OLSON SHOT07 090 V1 - style, slider, fashion - Victory -  - Victory


October 15, 2020

Man of Metropolis presents VICTORY by Hans Olson & Marc Anthony George starring Prince Del from Heroes Models. Prince wears Turtleneck by Pyer Moss Vest by Supreme Jacket by Juun.J Necklaces: stylist’s archive. RETOUCHER Amanda Sperry; STYLIST ASSISTANT Bobby Lemaire;…

My Oassis Web Teaser 1 scaled e1597091269877 - style, slider, fashion - My Oasis -  - My Oasis

My Oasis

August 10, 2020


4J4A2259 copy - style, slider, fashion - Rise -  - Rise


April 13, 2020

  RISE Model Charlie Knepper, DNA Models wears Jacket: Acne Studios Top: Private Policy Pants: Palm Angels Necklaces: LaruicciShoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim shot by Jose Espaillat PHOTOGRAPHER Jose Espaillat ART DIRECTOR & STYLIST Brandon M. Gar with CrowdMGMT GROOMING Nathan Juergensen…

LSMOM  37SB - style, slider, fashion - Louis Solywoda -  - Louis Solywoda

Louis Solywoda

April 10, 2020

Presenting an Abercrombie & Fitch exclusive starring Louis Solywoda on location in O’ahu, Hawaii Photographer: Santiago Bisso Editor: Seth Travis  

S4 092 copy - style, slider, fashion - The Take Over -  - The Take Over

The Take Over

February 27, 2020

The Take Over Ashton State Management wears Tom Ford Full Look Jewelry: Vitaly shot by Mark Grgurich CREATIVE DIRECTOR Michael Maccari, STYLIST Yen Nguyen, MAKEUP Chichi Saito, HAIR Payton Holbrook, MODEL Julian Cardona, Major, MODEL Charles, Heroes, MODEL Ashton Smith,…

EVAN HERO SHOT - sport - Metropolis Sport - Wellness, sport, Health - Metropolis Sport

Metropolis Sport

February 26, 2020

This is METROPOLIS SPORT! Visit our new health & wellness title for exclusive fitness, fashion and health & wellness content now!

191218 ManOfMetropolis23883 1 e1580660144840 - style, slider - 3.0 -  - 3.0


January 27, 2020

  An all-new exclusive starring Jan NEXT Models wears Blazer by Michael Kors, Necklace by LARUCCI, Stan DNA Models wears Full Look by Michael Kors, Delaney NEXT Models wears Sweater by Hugo Boss, Pants by Triple RRR PHOTOGRAPHER Brendan Wixted, VIDEO Jordan Aucella, STYLIST…

Rapha  7SB - style, slider, fashion - Fame & Fortune -  - Fame & Fortune

Fame & Fortune

January 22, 2020

An all-new exclusive starring Raphael Diogo, The Society Management wears full-look by DIOR shot by Santiago Bisso STYLIST Martin Gregory, GROOMING Yasu Nakamura, EDITOR Seth Travis

Untitled design - style, slider, fashion - Superhuman -  - Superhuman


January 10, 2020

An all-new exclusive starring Rafael Miller, NEXT Models wears Jacket by Keiser Clark shot by Peter Tamlin; PHOTOGRAPHER Peter Tamlin, STYLIST Raytell Bridges, GROOMING Michael Goyette, EDITOR Seth Travis

NF Social 7x7 Launch 01 - featured - The Ignacio Figueras Collection -  - The Ignacio Figueras Collection

The Ignacio Figueras Collection

December 14, 2019

We attended the launch event for The Ignacio Figueras Collection at Bergdorf Goodman. The Argentinian polo player, advocate charity ambassador and former Ralph Lauren model was front and center with his namesake fragrance surrounded by friends, family and fashion’s who’s who in…

Shot 03 0773 v2 - slider, fashion - UNKNWN x THOM BROWNE - UNKNWN, Thom Browne, Menswear, Fashion - UNKNWN x THOM BROWNE


December 13, 2019

Thom Browne and UNKNWN introduce their partnership debut in a capsule collection with the launch of their nine-piece apparel and accessories collection. Timeless sport meets neo- court style, the entire collection is emblazoned with Thom Browne’s signature four-bar stripe and classic…

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 2dd7 1 e1564606038946 - fashion - THE TELL -  - THE TELL


July 31, 2019

An all-new exclusive with model Laurin VNY Models giving us “the tell” known throughout the poker industry. A tell in poker is a change in a player’s behavior or demeanor that is claimed by some to give clues to that player’s assessment…

Untitled design 1 - fashion - Maxime Simoens -  - Maxime Simoens

Maxime Simoens

June 18, 2019

After graduating from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Maxime Simoëns first pursued his apprenticeship within Parisian Haute Couture Housessuchas Gaultier, Elie Sab, Dior and Balenciaga. Maxime Simoens created M.XPARIS, a menswear premium wardrobe. Timeless pieces thought with a contemporary…

Untitled design 2 - sport, slider - FACETIME - male model, Calvin Klein, Body Issue - FACETIME


March 17, 2019

SPRING 2019 COVER: VNY’S MATTHEW PENDLETON IN FACETIME  Model is wearing Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Hip Brief. Cover story by photographer Brent Chua and Editor Seth Travis grooming by Takanori Shimura.

IMG 6393 - slider, grooming, fashion - DIOR MEN SHOWCASES A NATURAL LOOK - Skincare, Runway, Paris, Dior Men, Dior - DIOR MEN SHOWCASES A NATURAL LOOK


January 22, 2019


Ermenegildo Zegna FW2019 Backstage 0164 e1547314498630 - style, slider, fashion - Backstage Pass: Ermenegildo Zegna FW19 - Zegna, Milan - Backstage Pass: Ermenegildo Zegna FW19

Backstage Pass: Ermenegildo Zegna FW19

January 12, 2019

Before the lights, music, and show there is the preparation sometimes taking hours of hair and makeup, fittings and rehearsal. Here is your backstage pass to the ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA XXX FW19 RUNWAY SHOW.            

ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA FW2019 1045 - style, slider, fashion - Ermenegildo Zegna XXX FW19 Runway Show -  - Ermenegildo Zegna XXX FW19 Runway Show

Ermenegildo Zegna XXX FW19 Runway Show

  Walks of  Life Life, streamed. A makeshift runway creates a tangle of crossing paths in the open spaces of the hall of Milano Centrale, the railway station that’s a landmark of the city. A place of endless passage, where…

TomFordEditorial - slider, grooming - BE A GROOMING GOD WITH TOM FORD -  - BE A GROOMING GOD WITH TOM FORD


May 23, 2018

As we kick-off the unofficial start to Summer, we will be wearing a lot of SPF, sweating more than usual, and be exposed to extreme elements like wind, sun exposure, and dirt. So the team at MAN OF METROPOLIS thought…

773A1959m - fashion, face-time, culture - NYLE DIMARCO -  - NYLE DIMARCO


April 11, 2018

Look Out! Here comes Nyle DiMarco If you haven’t noticed we are living in a hyper-visual world; there are more reality television stars than ever before and every day it seems insta-famous people pop-up out of nowhere. If you are searching…

Y3 Sneakers - style, slider, fashion - Everything You Need Now! -  - Everything You Need Now!

Everything You Need Now!

March 21, 2018

Refresh & Renew: The best sneakers, shades, and more Photographer: James T Murray Art Director: Yuco Lacovara Style Editor: Javon Drake Executive Producer: Seth Travis

PlayGround - style, slider, fashion - PLAYGROUND -  - PLAYGROUND


March 2, 2018

As street style and athleisure take over, Will shows the best ways to mix high and low during the transitional seasons from winter to spring. STYLE EDITOR NICHOLAS WHITEHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY TIFFANY DAWN NICHOLSON TALENT WILL WADHAMS

EmeryKelly38150 - modern-muse, face-time, culture - EMERY KELLY IS FEELING EUPHORIC -  - EMERY KELLY IS FEELING EUPHORIC


Emery Kelly will star as heartthrob “Lucas Mendoza” in Netflix’s new multi-camera comedy series “Alexa & Katie”, releasing in Spring 2018. He is also the lead singer in the pop band “Forever in Your Mind”, which was formed in 2013…

MACHAR3 copy e1657879663582 - style, slider - Machar -  - Machar


July 15, 2022

  MACHAR Machar, Mate Model Management & Chadwick Models wears Pants by Anna Cordell Photographs by Hector Clark ,Creative Director Rhys Ripper Fashion Joel Piccinini, Editor Seth Travis exclusively for Man of Metropolis   Download Man of Metropolis – Free!  

6J1A3183 scaled e1656423051151 - style, slider - Daylight -  - Daylight


June 28, 2022

        Daylight starring Jackson Passaglia    Jackson Passaglia wears Dolce & Gabbana Stretch Wool Jacket with Lace Inserts ($3,995), Tank Top in Ribbed Cotton ($125) Pants with Lace Side Bands ($1,695) PHOTOGRAPHER Qiao, STYLIST Nicholas MacKinnon HAIR…

B FA 6235 copia copy scaled e1653134475537 - style, slider, fashion - Escapade -  - Escapade


May 21, 2022

  Simone Baldasseroni stars in Escapade TALENT Simone Baldasseroni, MPunto Comunicazione, PHOTOGRAPHER Erica Fava, STYLIST Veronica Bergamini, HAIR Simona Fabbri, MAKEUP Maddalena Brando for Simone Belli Makeup, PHOTO ASSISTANT Sara Meconi, LOCATION The HUB Hotel, Milano, EDITOR Seth Travis  …

img20220309 13474256 1 scaled e1647378146551 - sport - Champ -  - Champ


March 15, 2022

Champ starring Jason Roberts Jason Roberts wears Rhone for Metropolis Sport MODEL Jason Roberts, Wilhelmina Models, PHOTOGRAPHER Brendan Wixted, STYLIST Casey Greco GROOMING Michele Wilderman, LOCATION GHOST Brooklyn, PRODUCER Bill Wackermann, EDITOR Seth Travis   Download Man of Metropolis digital…