Josh Pyman

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Josh Pyman has a bright career ahead of him and you can see what all the talk is about when he appears in the new Netflix series Tiny Pretty Things out today, December 14, 2020. We caught up with Josh ahead of the release to talk acting, pandemic life and more.

MM: What attracted you to the role of Dev Ranaweera in Tiny Pretty Things and what was the audition process like?

JP: The audition came through to me at a time where I was auditioning a lot, so it was pretty full-on at the time. I clearly remember getting the audition, reading the sides and the brief, and immediately the writing stuck out to me. The scenes were so layered, and I wanted to know more about the characters, particularly mine. I think as an actor, when you’re auditioning a lot for roles and shows that are similar, it can feel repetitive at times. So when a character jumps out at you and piques your curiosity, it’s usually a sign you should go for it. This was the case with me and Tiny Pretty Things.

I originally self-taped for the role and a few weeks later I got the call-back to meet with the producers via Skype. My skype set-up was hilarious. I was sitting at the dining room table – and we had to put the laptop on top of a cereal box to get it to eye level. But it looked really professional through the lens so that’s what matters! The call back went for about 40 minutes, and I had a great conversation with the producers Michael and Jordanna. I felt like I got to know them and they got to know me.

About a week after that, I got the call that I had booked it.

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Josh Pyman stars in Tiny Pretty Things premiering on December 14th on Netflix

MM: Your character takes on a pretty sensitive subject with being out and embarking on more than an intimate relationship with Shane from the get-go. Not to mention the sex scenes are pretty groundbreaking for a series based on high school.  (when I was a Senior in High School we had Cruel Intentions) How did you process everything you were going to take on to play the role of Dev?

JP: As an actor, It’s a blessing when you get to tell stories that matter – stories that can positively impact people’s lives. So taking on the role of Dev, I felt honored to be the vessel for a very important and necessary story. This was the first time I’d ever had to do a sex scene, so it was pretty daunting at first. But serving the story was most important to me. We had an incredible intimacy coordinator. Shout out to Casey Hudecki! Casey worked with us for weeks leading up to the intimate scenes, choreographing us and helping every step of the way. So by the time, it came to shoot, we were so comfortable and confident in what we needed to do, everything went smoothly.

MM: Was there anything you learned about yourself after wrapping the season?

JP: I learned to trust my instincts more as an actor and as a person. I definitely grew as an actor and learned to be more confident in my choices, and trust my gut. Being in a Netflix show was something I literally dreamed about, so to see that unfold in front of my eyes was incredible, and I am so grateful. It reaffirmed to me that the choices I made to get to this point were the right ones.

MM: The series was filmed in Chicago, we gather you had some time to enjoy the city when you weren’t filming. Any cool memories from exploring the Windy City?

JP: Unfortunately, I never made it to Chicago! All of my scenes were shot in Toronto. But I absolutely fell in love with Toronto. What a city!! Hopefully, if we get another season I’ll get to go to Chicago next time.

MM: Switching gears before we discuss your personal style, we must ask about that fitness routine. What was your go-to workout regime during filming?

JP: During filming, I was working out basically every day. At the time I was focusing on building strength and muscle. That involved lots of heavy deadlifts, squats, and bench press. I found myself doing a lot of yoga too, which was a lifesaver.

MM: Since we are a fashion magazine, we would be remiss to not delve into your personal style. First-off you are an Aussie; how is Australian style different than American.

JP: In Australia we are at the mercy of the hot sun most of the year, so coats and jackets are out of the question unless you want to sizzle. This time of year you will find us Aussies sticking to shorts and Tees. Where I live we have a similar climate to Florida. We are a lot more laid back in our approach to fashion I think.

MM: How would you describe your personal style?

JP: I go for comfort over style. I’m a big fan of boxy fitting Tees, and you’ll find me wearing a few sizes too big most of the time, and I’m a BIG fan of “dad” hats. When I’m in the cold you’ll find me with an oversized parka too.

MM: It is a night out with friends; what are you wearing?

JP: In the winter, black ripped Jeans, my washed black Ksubi denim Jacket, an oversized tee, and my big white Prada sneakers. In the summer, I still wear jeans even if it’s hot, but then usually a graphic short sleeve button up of some sort, a watch, and bracelets at all times.

MM: Go-to accessory?

JP: I have 4 gemstone bracelets that were gifted to me by my mother. They’re on my right wrist at all times.

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Actor Josh Pyman

MM: Needless to say 2020 can be summed up with 1 word; UNPRECEDENTED. How have you embraced the curveball this year has been?

JP: It definitely has been difficult and uncertain at times, and I try to find the positive in everything. When the pandemic hit, I decided it would be best to pack up and move back to Australia. It was hard putting my life overseas on pause, but it gave me the gift of time with my family. I’ve lived out of home since I was 19, so coming home and spending time with my parents and siblings, getting to do big brother stuff has been refreshing.

MM: Most challenging thing for you in 2020?

JP: Re-adjusting to the sudden change in pace and environment. Coming off the back of filming Tiny Pretty Things, I was expecting to build on that success and keep working. So when the whole industry got put on pause and I had to move home, it was a huge adjustment. It took me a while to adapt to a new way of living and figure out how I could still move forward despite things not turning out as I’d planned.

MM: There are a lot of successful actors that have come out of Australia; do you have a favorite or someone you really admire? Why?

JP: Heath Ledger is probably the actor that inspires me the most. He was fearless and unapologetically himself – he took risks in every role that he chose. A true pioneer and inspiration to all of us aspiring Australian actors. Rest his soul.

MM: If you could star in a DC or Marvel film; what character would you be and why?

JP: Probably Batman for two reasons. One – he has my favorite origin story of all the superheroes. And two – it would make my best mate REALLY jealous.

MM: Words to live by?

JP: “Let everything happen to you: Beauty and Terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” – Rainier Maria Rilke