New Scent – New You In 2018

Try a NEW fragrance to start the NEW YEAR! Seasons are changing and so should our fragrances. It’s time to put away those light citrus infused colognes and Eau de toilet sprays and replace with something new for the new year. We have rounded up the best scents of the season with fragrances from Calvin Klein, Lacoste, and Hugo Boss.

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1. ETERNITY Calvin Klein – Classic and sexy

2. BOSS Hugo Boss – Elegant and understated

3. L’HOMME Lacoste – Full Bodied and masculine

4. OBSESSED Calvin Klein – Light and sophisticated

5. BOSS BOTTLED TONIC Hugo Boss – Sensual and clean

Try spraying your cologne selectively in 2018, don’t just walk through a cloud of it dressed. Once showered and shaved, spray once above the chest but not on the neckline. A second spray can go in many places, back of the neck, stomach, arms, somewhere your body heat will react to the scent and become your own while delighting that special someone when they get close to you.