HIRO CLARK X Kris Kidd Collaboration

The t-shirt is perhaps the most essential component of modern Western dress. Its infinite versatility, unparalleled comfort, and ability to weather time and wear with grace makes it the ideal garment for hectic times. The perpetually laid back atmosphere of Los Angeles has created a breeding ground for painfully cool brands that put their creative weight behind artful takes on wardrobe staples and HIRO CLARK is leading the way when it comes to indispensable tees.

Though HIRO CLARK has a stellar core collection, their new Talent series is a venture launched to form collaborations with undiscovered talents who call the City of Angels home. Kris Kidd is a local model, poet and essayist with a signature column where he chronicles his many adventures about town, which makes him the perfect inaugural partner. Every shirt in the project has incorporated rich graphics into its design whether in the form of written statements or Polaroid-like mug shots in timeless black and white.

The label’s team poured over the fit of each piece so they hang on the body with a rakish nonchalance that is manifested with the aid of high-quality, 100% cotton fabric. Incredibly soft material merged with a classic shape means that these tees will travel anywhere with you while imbuing your look with the effortless cool for which L.A. is world-renowned.

Visit www.hiroclark.com to view and shop the collection.

written by martin lerma