Austin Style With Midland

Meet the fellas from the new country band Midland

MARK WYSTRACH: Hometown: Sonoita, Arizona Role in Band: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar Favorite cocktail/drink/beer: Gem and Bolt Mescal rocks with lemon What were you doing before Midland formed: Writing, playing music solo, performing, and creative directing a mission based footwear company that I co-founded called

CAMERON DUDDY: Hometown: San Ramon, CA Role in Band: Bass, Harmonies Favorite cocktail/drink/beer: Mescal Mule What were you doing before Midland formed: I’ve been directing documentaries, music video and commercials sense I was 20 years old. Still do it on the side!

JESS CARSON: Hometown: Sheridan, Oregon Role in Band: Guitar, Background Vocals Favorite cocktail/drink/beer: Tequila and grapefruit juice What were you doing before Midland formed: I was working on a couple different music projects. When we formed Midland, it was clear that this was the only thing I needed to do.

Photographer; Joshua Pestka, Stylist: Beth Hitchcock, Groomer; Rebecca Clearly

Describe your sound to our readers?

JESS: We’re lovers of classic country so I think that comes through in the music. But we write about what we’re experiencing in the modern world. Come see us live, we like to rock out.

Tell us about the record, inspiration for the songs came from?

CAMERON: All of our music is an amalgamation of our musical influences. Throw in some rock n roll, some soul, and a heavy dose of country music and your got yourself a Midland Stew (copyright pending).

Favorite thing about being on the road / favorite thing about being in the studio?

JESS: There’s a lot of laughs on the road. Pranks, hi-jinx, and slapstick -sort of like the Three Stooges. The studio experience on the other hand, is so important because that is where you shape the sonic landscape of the songs. It is where you create a world that hopefully listeners will want to exist in for a few moments.

What is coming up for you in 2017, where can our readers catch you?

CAMERON: Come see us on the road! We’re playing across the east coast and through the south this January and February. We’re also selling our music online – visit for music, tour info etc. We also (try to) do a facebook live every Friday. Its called “The Midland Happy Hour” (copyright pending). Again, all social media info is on our website. Would love to see all you Men and Women of Metropolis out there this year.

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