The Summer Trunks You Need

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The unofficial start to Summer begins and every guy needs a go-to pair of trunks for the boat, beach and pool We’ve selected Aviator Nation for this long weekend. They offer fun prints, classic styles, and a great fit – these trunks are for everyone. Our editor’s favorite pair, are the Aviator Nation classic SoCal stripe stitch style in charcoal. These shorts are great for sport, swim, and lounging and have pockets for keys, mobile device, and wallet, something we always need when traveling taking the party from the beach to happy hour. Shop various styles of Aviator Nation starting at $168.


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About Aviator Nation: In 2001 Paige moved to Southern California for her first internship at Shape Magazine. She soon shifted focus to freelance photography, video, graphic design and branding. Opportunities for work in these fields were ideal for her adventurous and active lifestyle. She steadily developed successful campaigns in branding and commercials, and created the TOMS logo for her brother’s company TOMS Shoes. She became a buyer’s assistant at ZJ Boarding House in Venice, CA where her love of clothing was reignited, dedicated to honoring the 70’s casualwear style, look and feel. She realized that the Southern Californian laid-back lifestyle of beach, surf and sand provided the pivotal outlet for her to channel her life passions collectively. She wanted to create a brand that fostered athletics, adventure, creativity, music and clothing all in one. Discovering that vintage clothing was harder to find, Paige decided to create her own clothes, sewing, dying and designing herself. In 2006, Aviator Nation was launched in Los Angeles with a white hoodie with rainbow stripes in the hood, known as the line’s “Signature Hoodie” and now a best seller. Under Paige, the brand has grown into a multi- million-dollar company. Personal Life: Paige is an avid surfer, musician and loves the Hawaiian Islands. Passions for surfing, music and her California lifestyle are all very present in her signature designs. Music fuels much of her artistry, noting Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys and The Eagles as sound favorites. Some of Aviator Nation’s prints come from Paige’s earliest sketches and she still hand draws some of the icons found her clothing from lightning bolts to psychedelic maidens. The use of rainbows and bright colors found in Aviator Nation clothing that has now become the brand’s niche, comes from her mother Pam’s preference of decorating and dressing Paige in bold colors and rainbows prints. Mycoskie is extremely hands-on with every aspect of her brand. Whether it be painting the inside of one of her flagship stores, drawing each graphic by hand, or communicating face to face with her customers, she is very much involved in each element of the company. Regular visits to the factory are part of her weekly routine. Paige is a philanthropist and has done projects and events for a variety of non-profits including Charity Water, Surf Aid, Heal the Bay, Surfer’s Healing and Global Citizen. She currently resides in Malibu, California.

About the founder: Paige Mykoskie was born in 1980 in Arlington, Texas to Pam Mycoskie, an author and Mike Mycoskie, an orthopedic surgeon. She has two siblings, younger brother Tyler Mycoskie and older brother Blake Mycoskie, founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Toms Shoes. Paige grew up athletically and artistically inspired, constantly learning new skills, expressing her creativity in a variety of ways and loving nature and adventure sports. Shop

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