Summer Solstice With Sky

Finding a gym in Manhattan that fits your needs, isn’t packed, and offers an array of activities at no additional cost is unheard of. I had the privilege of attending Life Time Athletics at Sky’s Summer Solstice Party on Tuesday evening. As a fitness guru myself, the facilities, amenities, and professional instructors really make the place feel and look like a luxury resort. Located in one of Manhattan’s exciting neighborhoods on the west side with breathtaking views of the Hudson river and west 42nd st. The balcony alone has 2 pools alongside a bar which isn’t easy to find in Manhattan.

I began the night with an intense Yoga class which lasted for about 30-45 minutes. The class alone was so diverse it was great to see how active the community of individuals was. Once the workout wrapped up, we were invited outside on their terrace for an outdoor movie screening of Dodgeball, a classic if you haven’t seen it. There were enough lounge chairs, tables, and chairs to go around while some people even laid in the pool to watch the movie. Life Time Athletics had an abundance of staff approaching everyone asking what drinks and meals they were interested in ordering. All complimentary! I ate a well deserved flatbread and enjoyed their signature cocktails alongside some new friends.

Needless to say the environment, the staff, and the members of the athletic club were amazing and it’s hard to not take up a membership with them. No matter what you’re into they have clubs and 90+ weekly classes, nutrition coaching, massage therapy and much more available to their members. I left feeling like Life Time Athletics was a second home.

 Feel free to view some photos of the event and the facilities on their social media – @ltatsky #SummeratSKY #ltasky #xperiencesky


written by Jeff Perla