The Stylish and Refined

Igee Okafor for MAN of METROPOLIS

photography by Christopher Tomás & styling by Brandon Murphy – words by Igee Okafor


I have always liked to describe my style as clean and classic with influences of contemporary movements in menswear. These days, I gravitate towards a more well detailed, finished and refined look. Something that feels a little more mature. Transitioning from Summer to Fall feels right as the season gives gentlemen especially the opportunity to work with more clothing options.

Getting the option to work with MORE is what I really look forward to. I’m going from lighter colors to more season appropriate color schemes. Sweaters are my ultimate favorite menswear piece. They feel so comfortable and are so warm and snug. If purchased from the right brand, they’re very well fitted and that always feels good.

Style in the city is very extensive. There is a very wide range of menswear concepts. I find more people tend to work with darker color schemes most of the time. Good style in the city is generally chic, visually enticing and aspirational. Dressing for the occasion is the best way to sum it up. I prefer dressing up over being casual. I often that I feel my best when I am wearing a three-piece suit or a sweater over a white shirt with a pair of trousers. I enjoy being casual as well but getting dressed up gives me something to look forward to.

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