The State of the Fashion Party

The contemporary fashion party is in flux with no small thanks to technological advancements. If Studio 54-era New York City was defined by shots of glistening, Halston-clad members of the perpetual party circuit dancing into the wee hours, the modern incarnation is represented by small groups of friends or strangers huddling over the glowing screens of their devices.

At the New York Men’s Day after party to help kick off New York Fashion Week: Men’s, people reveled in the glamorous festivities held on the rooftop of the Refinery Hotel on Manhattan’s West 38th Street. It was an eclectic group who rallied to support young designer labels earlier that day. However, it was difficult to ignore the proliferation of phones and their unblinking presence the entire evening. Those in attendance seemed to be documenting various happenings to show others rather than absorbing the immediate surroundings for themselves, a theme throughout the week.

Below we’ve collected our favorite images from the night featuring the accessory disrupting and connecting us in new ways.

written by martin lerma