Shawn Hatosy

Season 2 of Animal Kingdom just premiered on May 30th on TNT Network. Actor Shawn Hatosy sat down with MM to talk Pope, Style, and Summer memories for our Summer 2017 Issue, releasing this June. (Photo by James Dimmock)

MM: When you first auditioned for, Andrew ‘Pope’ Cody character what drew you to the role?

SH: Having worked with John Wells and Jonathan Lisco on Southland for 5 seasons, I was aware they were developing Animal Kingdom into a tv show. I must admit, I campaigned for the role with the commitment of a serial stalker. I showed up at houses. I emailed a lot. I once spelled my last name to John’s assistant twice in one day. Pope is a complex, challenging and dynamic character. The Cody family wouldn’t survive without him. He’s unpredictable and dangerous. You don’t ever know where you stand with Pope and that sounded like fun to me.

MM: Did you know the show was going to take off like it did?

SH: This show takes off because it’s confident and knows exactly what it is. It centers on the story of a dysfunctional family. Who can’t relate to that? The performances are well thought out and each character is unique. I grew up on the east coast, so any time I got to glimpse how SocCal people lived, I was in… So, the elements of a successful TV show were all lined up and I give TNT a lot of credit for committing to this model. We’re being rewarded for taking a risk.

MM: On the show you have a lot of brothers, now that you guys have done 2 seasons together do you feel like real brothers so to speak?

SH: Series television bonds people in ways that can be very rewarding… and also yes, I know way too much about my costars bathroom schedule.

MM: What should we expect to see from your character in season 2, any hints?

SH: Pope is seeking forgiveness for his actions in season one. He’s leading a rebellion against Mama Smurf. Season 2 for Pope is about him trying to normalize and the results of functioning without Smurf. Can he manage himself? It’s about consequences and debilitating guilt. Pope WILL find hope in different forms, but can he be accepted, or is he truly a monster? We’ll get to the bottom of all that.

MM: In real life we know you are a dad, how does the family handle your fame and occupation? Are the kids allowed to watch Animal Kingdom?

SH: My kids are great. I remind them how famous I am all the time… like, “I’m not taking out that trash, I’m on TV. You do it.” That kind of thing. And no, they can’t watch this show.

MM: Being a man, let alone a working actor, father and husband is a lot in this day an age. How do you manage it all and still have time for yourself? Any hints tips for our readers here?

SH: I manage it because I have tremendous support from my wonderful loving wife. I simply couldn’t do it without her. So my tip is: worship the ground your lady walks on. Be attentive, respect her, listen to her… and buy her a Range Rover.

MM: How would you describe your sense of style? Do you have a favorite brand of clothing, or are you one of those guys that shops on Amazon and wears what your wife puts in the closet for you?

SH: Ummmmmm… I’m really great with style when Lyn Paulo (Animal Kingdom & Southland wardrobe designer) helps me. We’ve found some things I really like over the years but the thing is… It’s all so damn expensive. When I’m feeling like spending dough it’s John Varvatos, RRL, Rag and Bone. For t-shirts it’s James Pearse.

MM: You read a lot in women’s mags about women’s health, or concerns, or movements. So we like to know what is going on for us men. What is your take on men’s health, state of being, as you see it?

SH: I play tennis several times a week and force myself to the gym every day I have time. It makes me happy and helps clear my head. Fitness is an important factor for my well being. I have found that making that a priority over the years has helped me sustain balance. Obviously eating clean is going to be effective too but I’m not great at that. I can be disciplined when I have to but shit… chocolate is amazing. Pizza is amazing. And cupcakes? Have you seen what they can do with cupcakes these days?

MM: Big plans for Summer vacation? Or Best Summer vacation story?

SH: For me it was 1991. My childhood friends and I built a mini half pipe in the woods in my neighborhood, Loch Haven. Raggedy skaters from all over the state of MD heard about it and would travel there to skate with us. We woke up every day that beautiful summer and went to our ramp, shredded until dark, fireflies hovering… and we just kept repeating that until we were forced to go back to school. It was the best summer of my life.