Ryan Harden

Ryan Harden is a 26-year-old fitness model and trainer with Wilhelmina in New York. Originally from Danville, IL Ryan competed in Football and show choir growing up. He launched fitevolution.net and is known for helping others.

MM: What part of the fitness industry are you in currently?

RH: I am currently a personal trainer, online coach, and HIIT class instructor.

MM: Where does your passion for fitness and wellness come from and do you have a specialty?

RH: My passion comes from the mind, body spirit connection. Working out is a form of focused meditation for me I focus on hypertrophy and execution.

MM: How have you had to adapt as an athlete since you first started to compete in sport and fitness?

RH: When I was younger (living at my mom’s) I had less stress and responsibility I could devote more time to the gym…..these days I have more on my plate so my gym time is limited.

MM: Are there any major fitness trends or workouts you have embraced recently that you want to share with us?

RH: None. Stick with basic bread and butter movements, so them over time CORRECTLY and CONSISTENTLY for best results, you can get fancy down the road. Aside from diet and sleep, what are men getting right in the health and wellness industry and what can be better? Stress reduction and mental health, remember mind controls the body so I enjoy seeing more people focus on that.

MM: Have you ever had to overcome an injury or a fitness-related challenge that seemed impossible? What did you learn?

RH: Moving to NYC with no family, low cash, and sleeping on a couch two years ago, it was a long cold winter but over time I prevailed.

MM: Outside of diet, what 3 exercises or movements would you tell our reader to do to look their best in their swimsuit?

RH: Walking lunges with a long stride, everyone loves a nice ass. Planks for core stability and abdominals and Incline chest press.

MM: Words to live by?

RH: Some talk about it, some watch it happen and others MAKE it happen.