Meet SIX Star Edwin Hodge

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Edwin Hodge can be seen in the NEW History Channel military drama series “SIX,” which premiered on January 18. Navy SEAL Team Six attempt to eliminate a Taliban leader in Afghanistan when they discover an American citizen working with the enemy. Edwin plays, Robert Chase; a former law student at Harvard before joining the SEALs. Now he’s the new guy on Six, and he has to fight to be a part of the team while battling the expectations of his home family. His father, a successful government lawyer and activist during the civil rights movement, sees his son’s choice to join the SEALs as a betrayal of everything he’s fought for.

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Here is our rapid fire interview with the SIX star:

1. If you weren’t an actor or navy seal what would you be doing?
I would be playing baskeball, I love the game. Favorite team has to be the Spurs!

2. Favorite form of exercise?
Circuit Training. I Start with a mile run then hit the weights.

3. Favorite movie growing up and why?
Lady & The Tramp; that scene with the spaghetti and the dogs kissing; classic scene.

4. Who is your hero and why?
My Mother. She is a retired marine, and has been through hell and back.

5. If you could play Batman or Superman who would you play and why?
I’m Batman. He is a self made hero.

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Edwin Hodge, Photo Credit: Michael Becker

6. Describe your style (fashion) favorite designer?
I love John Varvatos.

7. Your (not so) top secret place to eat?

8.What is your Guilty pleasure on TV?

9. What is one piece of Edwin Trivia you haven’t told another magazine/site?
I’m a motor cycle speed head, I ride a SSXR 750.

10. In SIX you have a serious mission; what is your mission in life?
My mission in life is to effect people; lead them to live a progressive life. Tell the truth, be honest and give people a true performance.

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