Meet Luke Davis Lab Series Ambassador

He has the undeniable look of a surfer with All-American good looks, blonde hair and an electric smile. We sat down with Lab Series Ambassador Luke Davis to talk Summer, Surfing, & Skincare.

1. Did you grow up on the water? And when did you learn to surf?

I’ve been a beach kid my whole life. My dad took me surfing at the age of 3 and I’ve been in love with surfing ever since!!!

2. Tell us your craziest surf story!

I traveled over 48 hours from California to a remote island off of Indonesia for a surf trip with my friends. The first day out in the water, I was amped, the weather was top notch and the waves were gnarly. I was out to catch my first wave and I tore my hamstring pretty bad. That ended any chance for me to surf for the rest of the trip so I decided to head home. No flights out were available so I had to hang out on the island for 3 days before traveling back home to California.

3. When you aren’t surfing what other adventures do you get into?

I’ve been really into making music lately which is always fun. It’s a good creative outlet for me as I’m constantly inspired when I’m traveling the world to these remote tropical islands. Creating anything is always a really enjoyable feeling when I’m chilling at home.

4. How do you protect your skin from all the elements out there?

I put on a lot of sunscreen throughout the day when I am hanging out at the beach or surfing. At the end of the day, I make sure to take the time to remove all of the sunscreen by using the PRO LS All-In-One Face Cleansing Gel and apply the PRO LS All-In-One Hydrating Gel to re moisturize my skin so it doesn’t peel or get dry from all the sand and salt water that I was also exposed to that day.

5. What’s your go-to night out grooming regime? ex: shower, exfoliate, shave, face balm etc. Walk us through it step by step.
I like to keep it pretty simple. I make sure to shave, shower, and if I’m crunched for time, I use the PRO LS All-In-One Shower Gel that works as a shampoo, body wash and shave gel. After I shower and shave, I then apply my PRO LS All-In-One Hydrating Gel face moisturizer and then I’m out the door.

BONUS QUESTION: What is currently on your playlist? Any good Summer music or albums you are into?
Nothing specific but I’ve been listening to a lot of disco and funk. Definitely keeps the good vibes flowing all year long!

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