Maxime Simoens

After graduating from the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Maxime Simoëns first pursued his apprenticeship within Parisian Haute Couture Housessuchas Gaultier, Elie Sab, Dior and Balenciaga. Maxime Simoens created M.XPARIS, a menswear premium wardrobe. Timeless pieces thought with a contemporary approach, made for the urban man. We sat down with the creative director and designer this Summer to talk about his upcoming fall collection and his plans for summer.

When did you know you wanted to be a designer and why?

It was back in 2001 during Madonna’s Drowned World Tour when I instantly knew I wanted to be a designer. I was overcome with inspiration seeing all of the costume design by Jean Paul Gaultier. I remember at a certain point, I saw some of the sketches for the costumes. Seeing someone’s ideas and reflections and interpretations of art and culture on paper translated into something that can be worn not only inspired me, but opened my mind and heart to the vocation of design.

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Maxime Simoens

How would you describe your brand to a total stranger who doesn’t follow fashion?

M.X Paris by Maxime Simoëns is a menswear brand that offers timeless pieces thought with a contemporary approach. It keeps in mind the urban man. The underlying ethos and ambition behind the brand is: creativity that remains wearable and accessible.

What is your favorite men’s piece for FW19 and why?

I’m particularly drawn to the orange down jacket. I love working with bright and vibrant colors. My Fall 2019 collection was inspired by the city of lights, New York City; and there’s nothing more inspiring to me right now that flashing lights and pops of color found everywhere around the city – from the flashing reds and yellows of the street lights to the blue and purple hues that the offices around midtown are hued at night. I’ve come to find that while navy is the staple color of Paris and Parisian dress codes, black is that to New York. What better way to face a New York winter than a down jacket with a burst of color?

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You have a magic credit card that will let you swipe 1 time at any story (fashion brand) where do you swipe it and what do you pick-up?

Because MX Paris offers a full men’s wardrobe, I have everything that I already need in my closet. As I love to travel and have already been to New York this year, the Maldives, and eventually Los Angeles, I could always use a new travel bag. A new Rimowa suitcase could be a complementary fit to my contemporary men’s brand; especially as it has become the quintessential and fashionable travel brand.

Any fun Summer travel plans or Summer vacation memories?

Not too long ago, I was in the Maldives with a special someone in my life. Over the summer, I’m planning to leave Paris for Provence. This is one of my favorite regions in France; and one where I feel I can turn off, disconnect and take a real break.