The Man’s Guide to Meditation

Every man can significantly benefit from meditation, even the men who may think that it’s “not for them.” For the men who already meditate, you know what we’re talking about (and have reaped the benefits), and for those who have yet to experience the practice, allow us to share the ultimate man’s guide to meditation and how it can improve your life.

In our fast-paced culture, maintaining a mental health balance in your life is key. If you find yourself caught up or stressed out in any aspect of your life, whether it be in your professional life, personal life, physical life, etc., you can find your balance by taking a few minutes in your day to center yourself and meditate. Meditation can be a game changer for men. This tried-and-true technique can genuinely improve a man’s life – work life and sex life included.

Regular meditation is a tremendous tool to help deal with the stresses and pressures at work, allowing you to show up fully present and able to provide for the people in your life. In the bedroom, the benefits of meditation are a short-cut to deeper intimacy and connection with your partner. By lowering the stress hormone cortisol, your sexual desire increases, while also helping the mind to steer away from distraction – so you’re able to relax, be more present and conscious with your partner.

Understandably many men new to meditation wonder where to start. The most common complaint is “my brain just won’t stop, and I can’t stop thinking”. That’s normal, and nothing to be worried about. Even the most skilled Buddhists teachers experience the same challenges. The key is to transition from experiencing your thoughts as “ruling” you, to accepting them as something that you choose to observe as happening in the moment, then go back to focusing on the present moment instead of your fleeting thoughts.

One teacher offered me a visual of what it means to observe your thoughts, which I’ll share with you: Imagine you’re on a 10-lane highway in a car, surrounded by other fast-moving cars all around you. Each car is one of your thoughts, and you’re racing next to them the entire time. (This is normally how we live.) Now, imagine that instead of being on the highway, you climb onto a grassy hill overlooking the highway, silently watching the cars below. From this place you can still see the cars moving by, but you don’t have to follow or get wrapped up in them anymore. Instead, you can calmly watch them come and go as you sit steady and still.

Another easy way to work on staying present is using the breath as an “anchor” — paying close attention to the chest and lungs as you inhale and exhale, feeling the heat and cold air on the tip of your nose as air enters and leaves. Noticing the simple sensation of breathing is the fastest way to build a meditation practice. Over time, you’ll notice moments of complete relaxation, as if the rest of the world just floats away. In meditation, you can allow yourself to completely let go, relax, and calmly concentrate on your body and sensations of breathing. Meditation does not need to be a long process at all, even devoting just 3 minutes a day can make an impact on your life and make you feel more relaxed. For the men who may not like the idea of meditation, there are definitely alternatives! Find what it is that relaxes you the most – going on a walk, writing, listening to music, and fully dedicate your attention to that activity, allowing the past and future to drift away for a bit. Over time, you’ll notice a newfound sense of serenity whatever you may be.

Additional meditation benefits for men include: Decreases Stress, Improves Concentration, Improves Sleep, Increases Immunity, Strengthens Intimacy

written by CEO & Founder of MeetMindful, Amy Baglan – visit