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Emery Kelly will star as heartthrob “Lucas Mendoza” in Netflix’s new multi-camera comedy series “Alexa & Katie”, releasing in Spring 2018. He is also the lead singer in the pop band “Forever in Your Mind”, which was formed in 2013 on season 3 of “The X Factor.” They recently released their single “Rabbit Hole”, performing it on MTV’s “TRL” and NBC’s “The Today Show.” The band released their EP “Euphoric” on January 12, which debuted in the top 10 Pop Albums on iTunes. We ran into Emery during NYFW and talked about music, fashion, and more.

MM: Some of our readers may not know you were on X-Factor; can you tell us what that experience means to you now?

EK: The experience I went through with X-Factor taught me to be myself and to never let anyone change me. If someone besides yourself is trying to change you, it’s not for your “better days”, it’s for theirs. Also, it was really cool meeting Simon.

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MM: How has your musical influences changed from then to now? What are you listening to?
EK: I will always idolize and respect the artists that influenced me when I was younger, but recently I’ve been listening to SZA, Daniel Caesar, Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Kehlani.

MM: You are a heartthrob for Forever in Your Mind, you guys are young! What has the pressure been like to grow up in front of the world?
EK: I’ve honestly had no feeling of pressure going through this journey, it’s been a wonderful experience. My personal style is just me being me haha. It’s been a real fun ride and I hope it never ends.

MM: You have a new EP called Euphoric, why the name; and what kind of goalsdid you guys set out to achieve on this?
EK: I came up with the name Euphoric because it’s the definition of pure happiness and appreciation. I want people to know how happy I was to make this music and how much I appreciate people listening to it.

MM: Who are your musical icons? Why?
EK: Frank Ocean because his style is his own. He’s representing himself truly through the music he shows to the world and in my eyes, that’s what being a true artist is. Showing people who you are honestly and truthfully.

MM: We are a style & culture mag so let’s talk about style: We saw you at NYFW, you looked good! Tell us what styles or brands you really like right now?
EK: Thank you, it’s all thanks to my lovely stylist & friend Franzy Staedter. My style icons would have to be Harry Styles, Justin Bieber, and Zayn. For brands, I really love Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Zara, Pacsun, H&M, OG Penguin, Calvin Klein, Palmiers Du Mal, Mauna Kea, Mostly Heard Rarely Seen, Haculla, and many more. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite look, I just love clothes haha.

MM: We know you made the move from NYC to LA. How is LA different? What do you miss about NYC, and what is the most surprising thing about life in LA?
EK: LA is always sunny and has the worst traffic haha. What I miss about New York is seeing my family & friends all the time and watching the seasons change. The most surprising thing about LA is the people, the different cultures jam packed into one city, you can learn a lot of things living in LA.

MM: Any famous last words?
EK: Be you & have appreciation & love in all things. Never be stagnant, always grow & move forward. The people you surround yourself with is a representation of who you are.

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Photographer: Christopher Patey
Styling: Philippe Uter and Dougie Newton
Grooming: Melissa Walsh
Shot on location: Debbie Reynolds Legacy Studio