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We caught up with musician Edo Ferragamo to talk music, growing up Ferragamo, and what he wants to do most after the pandemic.

MM: When did you first discover your love for music and do you have any specific influences from styles of music to certain singers, bands, or artists?

EF: I was 12 years old. Growing up I had so many influences, mainly all the classic rock bands which I still love (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Guns’n’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC etc) but also love Artists such as John Mayer, Coldplay, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes, Kings Of Leon etc.

MM: How did you tackle the interest, did you start on a piano, or pick up the acoustic guitar or electric guitar first?

EF: At 12 years old after watching a movie about music and hearing the sound of the electric guitar for the first time I was so fascinated that I picked up my mom’s old classical guitar and starting messing around with it. Shortly after I started taking guitar lessons and fell in love with music forever.

MM: If you could only play electric or acoustic what do you pick?


MM: A lot of rock musicians don’t always have such clean vocals, did you study with a voice coach before you started to record? 

EF: Yes, I only started singing a couple of years ago just out of curiosity to see how I would sound on the songs I was writing and not having to always collaborate with different singers to finish the records. I have to say I was quite impressed with my tone, so that’s when the light turned on and I started taking a LOT of voice lessons to become a good singer. I still have a long way to go but I’m getting better and better and I absolutely love it!

MM: If you had to pick a favorite song to cover, or play live what is it and why?

EF: Just from the top of my head I would say “Fix You” by Coldplay. Since it’s a very special song to me, I recorded a charity video project last May for the Red Cross Covid 19 Relief, it is up on youtube, it’s a collaboration with many amazing international artists.

MM: Same question for your own original music; what is your favorite record to play live?

EF: That’s a difficult one. I haven’t really played much of my new stuff with a full band because of the pandemic, but I’m really excited to play my new single “Somehow I Need You”. It has a great guitar solo at the end so that should be fun! On my old stuff I really enjoy performing “That’s The Way” with Cayenne Noluck but also “Common People”.. usually we end the concert with that one!


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Edo Ferragamo wears Full Look: Alexander McQueen shot by Rahil Ashruff

MM: Common People & That’s Why are your first released songs on Spotify. Can you tell us about the writing process for these songs? Also, do we hear any One Republic & Coldplay influences in there?

EF: I wrote those songs with my good friend Cayenne Noluck. “Common People” is a song about equality and “That’s The Way” talks about being in a rocky relationship with your significant other.

MM: Your latest single is ‘Somehow I Need You’ this came out in 2021! Where were you when you wrote and recorded it? Is there a muse for the song you can tell us more about? 

EF: I came up with the guitar riff while I was at my girlfriend’s mom’s house in New Hampshire over Thanksgiving. The lyrics talk about the frustration of this past year when it comes to being in a relationship — the ups and downs of living under the same roof 24/7. Sometimes you almost feel like giving up, but you have a love for each other, and at the end of the day, love always wins.

MM: Are you recording the harmonies as well, or do you have a team of musicians that came in to lay those tracks down?

EF: I usually record harmonies myself, and it really depends on the song. During the production process, if I feel like I need a great piano player to play a specific part that I can’t play myself, I’ll call someone to help me with that. For example on the new single “Somehow I Need You” the piano is played by the incredibly talented Nikko Ielasi. He’s a good friend of mine and we went to Berklee together.


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MM: The last year has been just a total ride for us all in one way or another — how have you used music to get through this time? 

EF: Absolutely – actually music has helped me so much! During quarantine, I wrote maybe 20 songs and put together a whole body of work to make an album.

MM: Any new music coming out of quarantine that we can expect? 

EF: YES! We have 1 single every 6 weeks coming out!

MM: What album of another artist has been on repeat right now?

EF: Anthem of a Peaceful Army by Greta Van Fleet

MM: Can we talk about fashion, I mean it is only right (wink): What was it like growing up with the Ferragamo name and how has it impacted your sense of style as a guy and now as a musician? 

EF: Growing up as a Ferragamo was incredible, I feel very fortunate. When I was younger, it was easier for people to draw conclusions, but being a Ferragamo is a lot of responsibility. My family really taught me to work hard, be goal-oriented, pay a lot of attention to details, and take nothing for granted.

MM: Do you have a favorite item/product from Salvatore Ferragamo stockpiled in your closet, and why?

EF: I love sneakers, boots, and Leather Jackets.

MM: Ok, we had to ask those. Now let’s cheat on the family and ask about your favorite place to shop and what brands you feel the most Edo?

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Full Look: Sandro

EF: I really like Rag N Bone and Ralph Lauren.

MM: Any style trend regrets or faux pas you want to confess to us?

EF: Hahah as a kid I went through a skater phase, wearing baggy pants and stuff lol.

MM: What is one place you want to go when things are fully open and safe?

EF: I really want to go back home to Italy first of all! But then go back to Brazil too!!

MM: If you had to release a track or album title that would describe your life right now what would you call it?

EF: Just off the top of my head I would call it Emotional Rollercoaster, ahaha just because in the past year I had a lot of that, a lot of uncertainty about the future etc.

MM: Words to live by?

EF: Go Beyond Yourself!


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