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Simon Nessman

September 23, 2019

Canadian-native Simon Nessman was discovered at 18 years old when a friend of his sister sent a picture of him to a local modeling agency. Still in high school at the time, he chose to finish his schooling before pursuing…

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Dante Pettis

September 21, 2019

Do you remember when you first held a football? How old were you? I don’t actually remember the first time I held a football. I grew up playing every sport, so I’m sure I was probably a few months old…

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Yellow Claw

September 18, 2019

Yellow Claw is a Dutch DJ and record production duo from Amsterdam consisting of Jim Aasgier (born Jim Taihuttu) and Nizzle (born Nils Rondhuis). The duo’s music is a mix of a wide range of genres and often incorporates elements…

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Michael Mealor

September 15, 2019

MM: Do we see you are a southern boy from ATL? Are you a Falcons fan, favorite player? Or What are you proudest about coming from the South and why? There’s a little known thing called “Southern Charm” and it…

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Alfonso Cobo

May 25, 2019

Alfonso Cobo is the CEO and co-founder of Unfold, the app that creates elevated, beautiful, and engaging stories with minimal and easy-to-use templates inspired by magazine editorials, for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. In this role, he oversees Unfold’s creative direction,…

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May 10, 2019

CJ Koegel is a fitness model with Wilhelmina Models in New York. Originally from Boca Raton, FL the 34-year-old fitness expert and personality has been seen on MTV’s Fresh Meat challenge and also competed in Football. MM: What part of…

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Ryan Harden

Ryan Harden is a 26-year-old fitness model and trainer with Wilhelmina in New York. Originally from Danville, IL Ryan competed in Football and show choir growing up. He launched fitevolution.net and is known for helping others. MM: What part of…

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Alex Wach

Alex Wach is a 28-year-old fitness model and trainer with Wilhelimina models. Originally from Flushing, NY Alex competed in Track and Field in college and is widely known for his Traps. MM: What part of the fitness industry are you…

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Blake Roberts

Blake Roberts is a 25-year-old fitness model with Wilhelmina in New York. The model and fitness trainer’s hometown is Morristown, NJ. Blake played football growing up and is now an independent trainer. His claim to fame is offering up witty…

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Ross Wellinger

Ross Wellinger is a 30-year-old actor represented by Abram Artists Agency and also works as a private fitness trainer. Wellinger is from Smithtown, NY, and played Football and Basketball. He says his claim to fame is that he weighed 215Lbs…