Bringing Sexy Back

Back Workout
Bent over rows with stability ball

I like to incorporate core into all my exercises. The Stability ball is so versatile and a great addition to almost any exercise. Get in an athletic stance, lean over and put one hand on ball. Your back should be parallel with the floor. Find your balance and pick up your weight, really exaggerate your motion. Pull like your starting a chainsaw. Continue your reps and switch sides. Bent over rows with a stability ball will tear your back up and also provide some serious core training.

Meet Devon Levesque

Devon’s life has been completely submerged by fitness since he was a child. His Grandfather awarded body Building Champion, Mr. New Hampshire in 1956 and his father also a professional body builder. Devon has pursued a life of athletics and now as certified personal trainer, focusing mainly on explosive movements, body weight training, cardio vascular capacity and extensive recovery with his clients.