Bakari Williams

Bakari Williams is a professional trainer in New York at City Row and Studio Live. He was a Division 1 Soccer athlete in college and is from Danville, Virginia. His claim to fame is the way he manages to mention his love for unicorns in every job interview.

MM: What part of the fitness industry are you in currently?

BW: I work in at home streaming fitness, group fitness, and personal training.

MM: Where does your passion for fitness and wellness come from and do you have a specialty?

BW: I love training. I grew up wanting to be a professional athlete. So fitness is engrained in my daily life, its what I love to do for fun.

MM: How have you had to adapt as an athlete since you first started to compete in sport and fitness?

BW: I have become much more dedicated to warming up, cooling down, and recovery. They are crucial and are especially important as I get older.

MM: Are there any major fitness trends or workouts you have embraced recently that you want to share with us?

BW: Definitely the at-home fitness movement. I don’t generally work- out at home, but I have found it to be a game-changer when I’m traveling, or when I am really swamped and can’t get a full session in at the gym.

MM: Aside from diet and sleep, what are men getting right in the health and wellness industry and what can be better?

BW: HIIT is all the craze right now, and yeah if you’re trying to lose weight/body fat and lean out it is a great way to do so. A lot

MM: Have you ever had to overcome an injury or a fitness-related challenge that seemed impossible? What did you learn?

BW: About a year ago I was crushing my workouts, leaning out, and overall in an amazing rhythm physically. I strained my adductor pretty seriously and had to back way off on my work and eventually just flat out rest. I hated it; it delayed my progress but it was a great reminder that in all things and especially when changing our bodies time and patience are crucial.

MM: Outside of diet, what 3 exercises or movements would you tell our reader to do to look their best in their swimsuit?

1. Deadlift Heavy: It works everything

2. Dynamic Deadlift or Hip Hinge movement: Rowing or KB Swings: Works everything and will help in leaning you out

3. Push-Ups: Simple and effective way to workout Upper body

MM: Words to live by?