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MAN OF METROPOLIS a men’s lifestyle magazine

About the magazine: The handbook for the modern man. Man of Metropolis is a distinctive guide to fashion, culture, technology, travel, art, grooming, business, fitness and all other pursuits championed by men––all in one magazine.

About our reader: He’s smart and successful; his style is effortless and he represents a new kind of cool. Embracing city life as if everyday is a new adventure, his pursuits inspire those around him no matter where his day takes him. The “Man of Metropolis” is refined, entrepreneurial, cultured, athletic––he is Man, Elevated.

Our Vision: To inspire the urban-minded man to go beyond convention, to look and feel his best and to lead an elevated life in every sense.

Our Mission: To be an authoritative forum for men in their 20s, 30s and 40s by sharing inspiring stories, unique content and compelling, thoughtfully-curated creative. We seek partnerships with relevant industry leaders and influencers, integrating our content with brand messages that are aligned with that which our target audiences seek.

Tag Line: Man Elevated